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Friday, December 02, 2005

Blogger again after two years

Bear with the unedited first post after a gap of two years

This is two year after my post graduation that I'm resorting to blogging again. The first year, I was suffering from a technological handicapp at one of the deserted tribal settlements in India. Don't curse me it was my passion then to live life analogue. Crude, bohemian close to nature. Fool you may call, I call myself one today. But I was in charge then of what I didn't know, even today I don't. Anyways I will talk about those undefinable eleven months sometimes later. Continuing with why I ceased to become a blogger last year, despite being at the mecca of communication revolution is questionable. I feel I was so carried by my sudden learnings from life that I wasn't even in touch with myself. The mottling my soul was terrible I know it almost killed my creativity for months. I tried rejuvenating my soul a number of times but failed. This year hasn't brought any great change in my soul, but probably it's the nature of the job that gives me time enough to come out with posting whatever I go trough, which is not necessarily my creativity. But I believe if I resume writing I may find my trueself back, someday soon.

Yours in blogging
Sourav Mishra

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