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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beyond the karmic wheel of life

It has been about nine months, since I have not blogged. There were two reasons. One obvious – being shot at on the 26th of November last year – made me feel real enough to not write what I think.

The other not so obvious – workload – which made me find an excuse for not dabbling in words after draining my brain for nine hours in the office.

At a deeper level the consciousness of surviving November 26 made me introspective, though in a positive way. I had more thoughts about life and its goodness, above the myopic vision of mundane daily routine.

Past few months have also been equally or even tougher for my well-wishers and friends with people battling dreaded diseases, accidents and relationship disasters.

But they all were brave, have fought and are fighting. I just followed them and tried to be part of the game of survival. There was/ is a belief that we will recover and the power-above-us will let us add better things to the world.

I had so much to say, share but I chose to remain silent, pray and think inside.

I also had a refuge in my work, as a journalist, which gives me an opportunity to meet different people from all walks of life and finding survivors everywhere.

They say being in Mumbai and that too if you work in the financial markets, doesn’t give much time to preoccupy one with self.

The tick-tock of an average Mumbai clock, the dig-dig of the local train wheels and the green-red of the ever blinking financial instruments put you into track, in tandem with their speed.

It makes you believe you are moving with your karmic wheel, so easy to feel good.
Nevertheless, I have finally decided to write more often to release at least part of my pent-up thoughts.

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