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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The quaint city of Allahabad

(Magh mela Dec-Jan, Circa 1888 (Courtesy Allahabad University Library)
Quaint...the only word that comes to my mind whenever I think about the city of Allahabad. The city is populous yet silent; the city is charming yet queer. It's so political that eighty percent of our prime ministers come from here, yet most don't understand double dealing here.

It is so dramatic that Amitabh Bachhan comes from here. Yet the city looks sepia toned, fragile and historical to me. It belongs to another age.

The age of our favourite past time. The time leisurely spent on the branches of guava trees, the time spent of the banks of Yamuna, the time spent at the narrow lanes of Rambagh and wide corridors of the University; the time spent at Alfred Park imagining the sacrifice of Chandrsekhar Azad, , the time spent at the book shops in Katra. The time has freezed! The time was good. It still lives in the nostalgia but never brightens up to its maximum colours.
The video below is a nice portrayal of the Saher Illahabad..
Saher hai khoob kya hai yeh saher amrud ka hai yeh..Saher hai yeh Illahabad


Lakshmi Rajan said...

Love the old look picture :)

velapanth said...

this can be true to so many cities..bangalore, mumbai, kolkatta, and pardon me let me correct myself there - bengalooru!
changing times , changing cities, changing people...and only nostalgia remains.
your prose evoked memories, of yes times past, keep at it. will come back for more

sourav mishra said...

Thanks Lakashmi and Velapanth...ya the sepia toned memories always stay with us :)