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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Food security mission for rats successful in India

In India only rats enjoy the luxury of food security despite inflation and perceived food shortage. It seems authorities had taken a secrete pledge decades ago to ensure food security at any cost for the billions of rodents inhabiting this country. When rains fail farmers commit suicide, consumers feel the heat, but not for the rats. They have biometric access cards issued by the authorities to enter the network of exclusive warehouses across the nation to plunder the millions of tonnes of grains stored supposedly for the poor. In a year when the supplies are scarce they get to taste the imported Russian and Australian grains. Rats expect more such years when international food is available, but that unfortunately happens only once or twice in a decade, when rains go really bad or some scam happens. In recent times they also get to taste alcoholic beverages, which are stored along side grains, or some times instead of grains by their local benefactors.

The secret pledge that the authorities had taken years ago also promises rodents the liberty of devouring the policy papers at government offices, which contains carbohydrates in a diet format and keeps the small animals in great shape and agile. It also helps the unwanted policy papers to escape ‘mysteriously’ and save the process of embarssing truth being made public.

So while there is debate whether to make access to food a fundamental right for human beings, the right is already exercised by rats successfuly.

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