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Saturday, March 01, 2008

New Mumbai

People warned me .....I didn't listen to....I moved to Vashi, staying away from the Mumbai that glitters. It's called the sleepy-line by western and central liners. Oh now what am I talking on 'lines'. It's a language only Mumbaikars can understand.
Let me explain to others.... Mumbai's life, love, money, entrepreneurship and even temperament is defined by train lines. Well before that let me clarify one thing, those people who are the ultra rich, politicians -basically people who don't travel by train- live in a place called south Mumbai, which is next to the Gateway of India, Nariman Point, Bombay Stock Exchange and Reserve Bank of India.

Now after south Mumbai, it's the western Mumbaikars, who, live and talk about the famous Bandra and Juhu (where Amiabh Bachhan lives),.... here glamor and money thrives. Central line is rooted to the ground, belongs to culturally stable hardworking people, the soldiers on whom Mumbai thrives. Then comes the harbor line, where I live and lives the dreams of a new Mumbai. New people, who came to Mumbai only after Manmohan Singh liberalized India's economy.

Just more than a decade ago even this line was limited to Chembur, where Bollywood actor and director Raj Kapoor set his studio years ago finding the Thane creek and salt pans nearby as suiting locales for his movies ....The line then moved over the small creek of sea to bring people like me to this new city.

This city has sea, hills, space and dreams of people who belong to a different Mumbai. People who are ready with their ideas to rock the world. Watchout.....

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jose joseph said...

thats why we call it amchi mumbai, no matter from which line you come from, this city has a way of getting into the heart of the people.