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Friday, October 23, 2009

A walk by my side

The evening has softened with an unexpected shower and breeze. Lonely me walking through the green meadows of an unknown settlement, somewhere in central India near the Satpura forest range...far from any railway station or bus station, where you are sure that you cannot get back to city life soon.

Where you know you are not under any obligation. Where you know the addiction of checking your Facebook of Gmail account every few moments, won’t bother you.

Where you know you have no presentations to make and anticipate reactions from the superiors, clients.

Here I am with me. The old good me that doesn’t critically analyse me. The me which is happy with what he sees in the nature. No questions asked. Just walk with a bare-soul, bare feetand bare-chest.

I feel saintly....I consider myself near the moment of truth, near the atoll of serendipity, until some one rediscovers the warm blooded human in me.

A tiny yet sharp voice breaks the connection with truth, serendipity. “Kaha ja rahe ho babu,” asks an angry looking Gond kid. I said,"hello."

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