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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why good people suffer?

Last week I was asking myself a question. A question that has stayed with me since my childhood but rises to my conscience on certain occasions leaving me bewildered.
The question is –“Why good people suffer?”
And I know no one has a satisfying answer.
It’s both difficult and dangerous to be good. Being good gives us simplistic happiness, honesty of purpose etc. But it needs courage to remain good.
I have seen people who practice good going to jail, losing in relationship at workplace, money and health wise. Though not all of them, but many of the good suffer. So do many of the bad.
But the problem is both good and bad exist. And the fine things in life come to both of them irrespective of their purpose in life.
Picture this: A teenager like Ruchika who lost her mother as a kid was harassed by a senior police officer and saw her family being harassed for years. While the police officer who has got everything in life does this act and has woman, his wife, to protect him all the way.
How could one justify this situation? Nothing asking from the government or judiciary....asking God if such a situation exists. Then why?
Ruchika never had the option to enjoy life while this old man has lived his life to the fullest. Even if the case progresses against the alleged culprit and he’s convicted punished. How much harm will it do to him?

Ruchika’s story is just a case point there are many such instances where injustice is inflicted upon the good. And we have never found an answer why?


Tarun Mitra said...

Swami Vivekanand once said "one should not be too honest, straight trees are cut first, honest people are screwed first"

And without equating myself with that great man, I realized and often quote "acche insaan ki hi pitaee hoti hai"

sourav mishra said...

Sahi baat hai Tarun....we must teach our children this in the very early childhood...

ag.manilal said...

Sourav... " it needs courage to remain good(ur lines ... i just bank on tis)." nd to be good even after knowing all odds..
its becoming a blame game nd a profit earning for media in ruchika s issiue than for justice happening .. ( a typical male dominant).. hope her tears r justified
but, tis world even has females who scrap their father for money
but stil enjoys life with his domain name ...
ignorance nd search for happines hav made humans to exceed inhuman levels...

sadak chhap said...

I am not the one to decide what is good or bad. But I am to perceive what is good or what is bad to my own judgement. Doing good (according to the understanding of the doer) gives unparallel strength and dignity (apologies if I am generalising). Teaching your children (hmmmm sourav plan kar raha hai) not to be that honest can be a really dangerous scenario. They won’t have anything to scale themselves, nothing to measure nothing to look forward to.

Imagine a situation….. do you want your kids to go through that…